• Fred Karger Gets His Say in a Debate (Kind Of)

    It's hard to say who's going to make the biggest impression at tonight's debate. It certainly seems like Herman Cain's got the momentum. But who knows, Rick Perry could do something to pull himself out of his tailspin. Or perhaps Mitt Romney will finally adequately explain an actual real life not make-believe difference between Romneycare and Obamacare and, in doing so, catapult himself completely beyond reach by the rest of the candidates. Or maybe Michele Bachmann will fall down into some pudding. Anything can happen!

    Well, actually not anything. One thing that definitely can't happen is that actual GOP primary candidate (and actual gay person) Fred Karger cannot shame the rest of the candidates for having stood quietly by while a conservative audience booed a homosexual active U.S. soldier in Iraq.

    So, we'll all just have to make do with this video from the Karger campaign…

    Really, though, when you think about  it, Karger has nobody to blame but himself. If he wanted to get his voice out there and express how unfair it is that he's being treated unfairly by his party for being gay, he shouldn't have decided to be gay in the first place. Then, as a totally straight and acceptable candidate, he could have gotten his turn in debates and made his case for being allowed into the debates.

    This is not rocket science, people.

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