• Debates Are Not Rick Perry's "Strong Suit," Says Rick Perry

    Hey, did you guys know that Rick Perry was at last night's Republican debate? I know! I was shocked to find that out, too. I mean, I spent two hours liveblogging it, and I suppose I have vague memories of a visual manifestation of the sound of jingling spurs, but I don't recall Perry participating per se.

    But he was totally totally there, at least according to this article about how awful he was at it

    After two consecutive weak debate performances, Perry was under considerable pressure to do well on Tuesday.  He didn't.  In fact, Perry was so underwhelming that the candidate himself began explaining away his performance just moments after the debate ended.

    "Debates are not my strong suit," he told a friendly crowd at a Dartmouth fraternity house not far from the debate hall.

    Yeah, it's really pretty unfair that candidates are judged so highly on being capable of responding to direct questions about policy issues and strategic plans for how they would do the job they're trying to get…

    As the other candidates discussed what to do about trade and China, moderator Charlie Rose asked Perry for his view. "We're missing this so much," Perry said.  "What we need to be focused on in this country today is not whether or not we are going to have this policy or that policy.  What we need to be focused on is how we get American working again."

    Okay, so that might sound kind of vague and somewhat nonsensical and a little bit like the worst answer anybody has ever given to any question ever asked at a debate ever since the beginning of ever. But it was important that you saw how he said it.

    He said it while having this hair

    And that really should count for something.

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