• Solyndra's CEO Steps Down

    Hey, look! It turns out that corporate CEOs are held accountable for doing damage to the country after all. Well, when they're buddies with the Obama administration at any rate

    Solyndra CEO Brian Harrison, who refused to answer questions from Congress about his solar startup's high-profile bankruptcy, has left the company, according to a new court filing.

    Oh, good. This will give Solyndra a chance to bring in some fresh blood and hopefully improve its standing with the conservative-controlled Congress…

    To replace Harrison, Solyndra wants to hire R. Todd Neilson, who served as bankruptcy trustee for boxer Mike Tyson and rap impresario Marion "Suge" Knight. Neilson has a background in forensic accounting, including a stint with the FBI as a special agent on white-collar crime cases.

    A guy who hangs out with black muslims and gangster rap impresarios when he's not prosecuting businessmen.

    Well, that problem's solved.

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