• Michele Bachmann Posed with a Life-Size Cutout of Ronald Reagan

    Sometimes, Michele Bachmann goes so over-the-top, it restores my faith in her viability as a national punchline. Here's just a short list of quotes from her recent campaign visit to Sioux City

    * "Turning to what she called excessive federal regulations, Bachmann called for the abolition of the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. departments of education and energy, all of which she said levied regulations that stifled business growth."

    * She described visiting the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge — the pristine nature reserve that has been a flashpoint for arguments over U.S. energy policy for years — and dipping her toes in the Arctic Ocean. The visit, she said, convinced her that energy should be harvested from the site.

    * "ANWR — it is the most perfect place on the planet to drill for oil," Bachmann said.

    * "In the United States we should be demanding both from Libya and from Iraq that they take their oil revenues and they use that money to pay the United States back for the treasure and the toil that we spent to liberate those countries," she said, to applause.

    Her campaign at the moment is working on the assumption that everyone voting in the GOP primaries is a villain from Avatar (which to be fair, sounds about right). How's that working out for her?

    According to Bachmann, she "collected donations from 92,000 supporters in the third fundraising quarter at an average of $42 each." Even if that is true, she only raised half as much as real-life Droopy cartoon, Ron Paul. There's no way this could get any sadder, right?

    "She didn't really address how we're going to get jobs for college students after college or repay student loans," May said.

    Nonetheless, [College Republicans Sarah] May and [Matthew] Johnson were thrilled when Bachmanm posed for photos with them alongside a lifesize cutout of Ronald Reagan.

    Michele Bachmann posed next to the only thing more two-dimensional than herself, a life size cut out of Ronald Reagan.

    Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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