• LiveBlog: Lucky Number Ninth Republican Debate from Las Vegas

    9:53 – So, what do you think? Lots of blood on the mat, but I'm not sure whose it is. Well, clearly a lot of it is Perry's. But I think Cain and Romney were pretty gashed as well. And how about Santorum. He came with a really sharp sword.

    What do you think? Who won? Or, who lost the least?

    9:52 – It's over? Where's this cake that Bachmann promised?

    9:51 – Michele Bachmann: "I am the most different candidate from Barack Obama than anyone on this stage." Well put.

    9:50 – Santorum is currently polling #3 behind Romney and Perry in Pennsylvania.

    9:45 - @TheInDecider: "Rick Santorum: 'I'm gonna be the president of Pennsylvania, just you wait and see!'#CNNDebate"

    9:40 – Someone has to take that footage of Rick Santorum stumbling over a defense of Ronald Reagan's Iran-Contra deal and loop it into a 24-hour video that can play on its own television station.

    9:39 - @skyobarn: "Michelle Bachmann is off her game because she’s mad that Captain Stubing is making her work the Lido deck."

    9:37 - House Republicans are already on the 'defund the UN' bandwagon.

    9:36 – Did Romney just trick some Republicans into clapping for the Chinese?

    9:35 – Seriously, everybody. Let's start having a serious conversation about letting the entire rest of the world just suck it.

    9:34 – Wait, what? We can only blow up the world 25 times? But what if we need to blow it up 30 times? What if?!

    9:31 – Herman Cain paraphrased: "We need a policy in which we do not negotiating with terrorists. Having said that, here's how we should negotiate with these terrorists."

    9:30 - @michaelbd: "I'm angry that Romney is suggesting that we can't PRIVATELY have totally idiotic reasons for voting one way or another."

    9:27 – I missed that. Whose severed leg was Gingrich trying to buy?

    9:25 - @TheInDecider: "'I've been endowed by my Creator' #NewtGingrichPickupLines #CNNDebate"

    9:22 – "How can I trust your judgement if you have no faith?" – Newt Gingrich

    Here's another way of saying that: "How can I trust your judgement if you choose to make your decisions based upon evidence?"

    9:19 – Be careful, guys, with this Mormon question. You're in Nevada.

    9:14 - @ChaseRoper: "I'm feverishly taking notes of this debate so I can work up a spec script and pitch it as Saw VIII. #tweetthepress #GOPdebate"

    9:09 – This isn't the first time rick perry's had to defend his position on TARP.

    9:08 – Does anyone know how many children Michele Bachmann has?

    9:07 – Whoa! Herman Cain just admitted to being in favor of TARP. That's almost as bad as if used to be in favor of the number 8.

    9:05 – Rick Santorum is gonna get his ass kicked back stage afterwards.

    9:04 - @shannynmoore: "Dear Michele Bachmann, is it cool to abort a gay anchor baby? I'm asking for someone else. #tweetthepress"

    8:59 - @Watectric: "Herman Cain's message to Germanic voters: NEIN NEIN NEIN. #CNNDebate"

    8:58 - @TheInDecider: "Herman Cain's message to Latino voters: nueve nueve nueve. #CNNDebate"

    8:56 – Herman Cain's response to every question paraphrased: "Nine nine nine."

    8:55 - @pattonoswalt: "What would the GOP say to the Latino community? 'After you drop Chandler off at school, could you get the dry cleaning?' #GOPDebate"

    8:51 – Mitt Romney's fuckin' immigration magnets. How do they work?

    8:49 – Michele Bachmann should just come out and promise to fire a wave motion canon at anyone who attempts to cross the border.

    8:46 – I wanna know which of these candidates is willing to promise a border moat full of piranhas and rabid cougars.

    8:45 – Mitt Romney is totally going to cry.

    8:43 – Rick Perry is sort of right.

    8:42 – Someone's gonna get punched, yo.

    8:40 – Do you think there's any problem that the free market can't fix? And how can I get the free market to make my pound cake more fluffy?

    8:39 – Ron Paul thinks we have too much health care in the country. I agree! Also, too many smart people!

    8:33 – I'm glad they decided to eschew the original idea of throwing these people in a cage with a hand full of garden tools. This is much more entertaining!

    8:30 – Wow. Rick Santorum sure is good at calling out other people on their bullshit.

    8:29 – Good strategy on Santorum's part. Just talk over everyone else's time. If he can just keep that going till next November.

    8:27 – Mitt Romney's looking at Rick Santorum like he finally googled his name earlier today.

    8:25 – Ronald Reagan's tax plan had a higher rate structure than we currently do.

    8:24 – Do you guys remember when Republicans used to be anti-taxes?

    8:22 - @joshuamcgee0325: "Herman Cain needs to stop with the 'Apples and Oranges,' he should switch to 'Pizza and Calzones' @TheInDecider"

    8:19 – Herman Cain really is getting it from all ends. So, this is why they decided to do this in Vegas. I think that's the last place where that kind of thing is legal.

    8:17 – "It is not acceptable to mix apples with oranges." Oh, so now Herman Cain is a segregationist when it comes to fruit. Now it all comes out.

    8:16 – For once, Rick Santorum is making sense.

    8:14 – Herman Cain paraphrased: "Pay no attention to those numbers behind the curtain."

    8:12 – I'm Michele Bachmann, and I captained a nuclear submarine through the desert to get here. Also, I have 57 children.

    8:10 – Mitt Romney's internal monologue: "Smile. Smile. Smile. Smilesmilesmilesmile. Smile!!!"

    8:05 – Looks like Jon Huntsman is the only one who made good on his promise to not get invited to boycott the debate.

    8:03 – Oh… This is a Western Republican Presidential Debate. That means there'll be a spittoon round, right?

    8:00 – Oh awesome! Another CNN short snuff film intro.

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