• Mitt Romney Just Might Have a Tea Party Problem

    I'm going to suggest something, and I know it's going to seem weird. It's going to sound like the most foreign, most unbelievable, most not-from-any-type-of-reality-we've-come-to-understand idea you've ever come up against. But here me out.

    I have a strong suspicion that Mitt "the affable moderate conservative" Romney might be revamping himself as Mitt "the hardcore Tea Party conservative" Romney in the near future. Just a hunch

    PPP surveys conducted over the weekend in Ohio and Hawaii find him with a large lead in both states.  That now makes 7 consecutive polls over the last 3 weeks – a national one and state polls in Ohio, Hawaii, Iowa, North Carolina, Nebraska, and West Virginia – that have found Cain leading the way. In Ohio Cain's at 34% to 19% for Mitt Romney… In Hawaii Cain's at 36% to 24% for Romney…

    Tea Party voters continue to be the primary driver of Cain's momentum. In Ohio he gets 46% of their support to 15% for Gingrich and 11% for Bachmann with Romney finishing all the way back in 4th place at 9%. It's a similar story in Hawaii — there Cain and Romney actually tie at 30% each among non-Tea Party Republicans.  But with the Tea Pary crowd Cain gets a whooping 52% to 12% for Bachmann and 9% for Romney.

    These numbers represent a recurring theme in our polls — Romney doesn't necessarily need to win Tea Party voters but he sure needs to not lose them by 40 points if he hopes to win the nomination.

    Gee, I wonder if Mitt Romney has the power within himself to make a complete about-face and turn himself into a totally different candidate than he was a few days earlier.  I don't know, sure doesn't seem like a Romney thing to do.

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