• Ron Paul Proposes Bold, Principled and Insane Economic Plan

    Never one to abandon ideological consistency in the face of external reality, yesterday Ron Paul released a specific, internally consistent, audacious…and absolutely crazy fiscal reform proposal titled a "A Plan to Restore America." In short, Ron Paul is still Ron Paul.

    Paul announced his plan in Las Vegas, Nevada, an apt symbol for the economic future young adults can expect to face in Paultopia, which would allow workers to opt-out of the Social Security and Medicare systems in favor of personal investment/dancing for change before their Galtian Overlords. Other key aspects of the plan, which would cut approximately $1 trillion in federal spending in the first year of the Awakening of the Elves Ron Paul's presidency (actually, both time-lines are equally plausible), include…

    * Ending all funding for wars and foreign assistance.

    * Eliminating five cabinet departments: Energy, Housing and Urban Development, Commerce, Interior, and Education. Paul would also eliminate the Transportation Security Administration and privatize the Federal Aviation Administration. These measures are part of an effort to "[slam] on the brakes and puts America on a return to constitutional government." Because if James Madison had wanted the federal government to regulate magickal flying machines from the future, he would have put the FAA in the Constitution, somewhere between the three fifths compromise and the power of Congress to "grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal."

    * Converting the Medicaid program into block-grants distributed to states, because if you can't trust the State of Alabama to adequately fund healthcare services for the poor, who can you trust?

    As for the likely impact of the proposal, Paul was sanguine

    "I have a personal conviction that this will not hurt anybody. You cut government spending and it goes back to you," he promised a crowd of roughly 200 supporters who gathered in a conference room at the Venetian hotel to hear him unveil the plan.

    Yep, I'm sure phrases like "Supplemental nutrition for women, children, etc – discontinued" won't have an impact on anybody important, if implemented. I mean if Rush Limbaugh is okay with it

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