• Mitt Romney Is a Mormon Socialist Flip-Flopper (According to New Poll)

    The Washington Post-Pew Research just conducted a new poll in which they asked voter to respond to the names of the top tier GOP candidates with one word or phrase that best describes them.

    The results are maybe not the most encouraging for Mitt Romney

    Mormon: 60
    Healthcare/Romneycare: 17
    Flip flop/Flip flopper: 13

    Now, I'm not a political scientists with a political white lab coat and a political clip board who DVRs political Dr. Who marathons or anything, but I'm pretty sure that all three of those word associations are not good for a top tier American candidate in the Republican party.

    What Romney needs is a strong word of his own choosing that he can repeat over and over and over again until you literally cannot not think of it when you see his face. Take Herman Cain for example.

    Unsurprisingly, the top word associated with him isn't really even a word at all. It's an economic plan. Actually, it's not all that much of an economic plan. But people remember it…

    9-9-9: 42
    Business/Businessman: 30
    Interesting: 23
    Good: 22
    Pizza: 19

    See? Except for the top one — which really doesn't make any sense, but people seem to like it anyway — those are all very strong words. Good, solid (and, in one case, very delicious) words. Romney needs to get himself associated with words like that. I'm pretty sure that "banana walnut pancakes" is still up for grabs. That's a good word grouping. Maybe Romney can start traveling with a plate of hot steaming banana walnut pancakes or something. Just set it off to the side of the podium on a stool, with its butter melting down the sides into the pool of maple syrup that gathered on the plate. That'll play well in New Hampshire, I'll tell you that much.

    Of course, there's also other foods. "Hamburger" is available. As is "mint chocolate chip ice cream," "peanut butter and jelly sandwich" and "mashed potatoes." "Corn dog," unfortunately, is not.

    Speaking of which, let's take a look at what people think of when they see Rick Perry…

    Texas: 55
    No: 16
    Idiot/Idiotic: 15

    Okay, so let's just consolidate that to 86 points for "Texas," okay?

    (via GOP 12)

    Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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