• Republicans Are Winning the Internet Now

    It's no secret that President Obama owes his stunning 2008 victory in large part to his ability to mobilize a vast social media army of supporters. Apparently, Republicans took the hint and have been ditching their AOL email addresses in favor of hip new accounts on FaceSpace and the Twitters.

    Now, instead of waiting a day or more to get on Fox News to call Obama a freedom-hating Kenyan socialist, candidates can just tweet it out in a matter of seconds, complete with an adorable hashtag. Great!

    Petty partisan bickering, now with 80 percent more pettiness, partisanship, and bickering

    Barely a minute goes by between the time Mr. Obama… makes a speech, holds a news conference or says something to a talk show host, and a team of young Republican House staffers, fueled by pizza and partisanship, punches back.

    It's a bit of a table turn on Mr. Obama, whose 2008 campaign masterfully capitalized on social media in a way that left Republicans bruised and scrambling. Now, after a post-election order from Speaker John A. Boehner that year, House Republicans have embraced Twitter as their karaoke microphone to push their message against the White House bullhorn… At a daily meeting in Mr. Boehner's office, the communications staff decides what they should be Twittering and blogging about.

    But no one’s actually following them, right? Wrong…

    House Republican members have more than twice as many followers as their Democratic counterparts –about 1.3 million versus roughly 600,000 — and are far more active on Twitter with more than 157,000 individual Twitter messages, versus roughly 62,000 for Democrats.

    With over a million followers, Republicans are clearly winning the internet. Now they can get their strong family-values message out to porn spambots all over the country. It's impressive. In fact, the only thing more surprising than the GOP winning the Twitter war is the fact that it took them less than 10 years to finish a war.

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