• Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain to Engage in Lincoln-Douglas-Style Debate for Publicity

    Well, here's a fantastic idea: Let's take two Republican primary candidates — one with whom the GOP is still in its infatuation period and another who will never ever go away no matter what — and give them a whole evening in which to mouth platitudes and campaign slogans….

    "We initially wanted a forum with all of the candidates," [Texas Tea Party Patriots treasurer Bill] O'Sullivan says. "But when we heard Gingrich say he wanted a more serious debate, like the Lincoln–Douglas debates, we wanted to do that, especially since watching the recent superficial debates has been frustrating."

    Organizing the event was relatively easy, he adds. "We had a relationship with Herman Cain. He spoke at our tea-party event six months ago. We contacted him, asking if he was interested in a Lincoln–Douglas debate on entitlements. Then we got in touch with Speaker Gingrich."

    "This debate is going to be dominated by the candidates going back and forth, in a respectful way," O’Sullivan says. "It will be divided into parts, one for each major entitlement — Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid — with each candidate detailing their arguments."

    Oh, I see! It'll be just like the Lincoln–Douglas debates except that it will be one debate instead of a series of seven, between two people of the same wing of the same party who pretty much agree on everything instead of two rivals from either end of a large political divide, and mostly concerning the filtering of money upwards instead of the enslavement of human beings. Oh, and neither of these people will ever go on to be President of the United States.

    But, besides that, exactly the same.

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