• Republicans' Anti-Working Class Agenda Not Resonating with Voters for Some Reason

    Well, this doesn't make any sense. According to this new poll from Democracy Corps, despite congressional Republicans' pro-millionaire, tax-the-poor, withhold-jobs-until-a-Republican-is-president agenda, they're somehow losing support amongst average everyday Americans.

    Can anyone explain this, because I'm flummoxed

    On our thermometer scale, voters give chilly ratings all around. Everyone has dropped substantially, but support for the Republican Congress has completely disintegrated. More than half of all voters give these Republicans a negative rating, with a mean rating under 40 degrees. With House Republicans getting a remarkable 65 percent disapproval, the race for Congress is now dead even, after Republicans won by 8 points in 2010…

    The biggest shift against the Republicans has come from independents, who are increasingly turned off by what they see and hear out of Washington. According to exit polls, Republicans won independents last November by a 19-point margin. Their advantage had narrowed to 17 points in August. Strikingly, Republicans are now winning independents by just 7 points. Seniors have also pulled back from these Republicans in big numbers. In last November’s exit polls, Republicans won seniors by a 21-point margin. This advantage has completely disappeared, with the vote among seniors now basically even (45-46.)

    Oh, I know what the problem is! People are probably mad that the cost of private jets is still so high. If the government would just start (officially) subsidizing luxury vehicles for our plutocratic betters, I'm sure the rabble would feel much more appeased.

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