• Rev. Terry Jones and His Anti-Islam Book Are Running for President

    Two years ago, Rev. Terry Jones threatened to burn 200 Qurans on the 9th anniversary of 9/11. After every rational person requested he not do that, he vowed not to. Six months later, he put the holy book "on trial" and burned it in his Jacksonville, Florida church. With those kind of credentials, what's keeping him from running for president on the GOP ticket?  Nothing, as it turns out.

    As of yesterday, Rev. Jones is throwing his handlebar mustache into the political ring. To his mind, the current Republican candidates are not being honest. And with his record of doing things he vowed not to do, this man knows honesty like the back of his crossed fingers.

    Aside from honesty, what does Rev. Jones stand for? Well, his platform is like if Ron Paul and Michael Savage had a baby and it grew up in Florida…

    1.  Stop overspending immediately.

    2.  Balance the budget.

    3.  Reduce military spending.

    4.  Deport all illegals.

    5.  Also saving us 400 billion dollars per year. [sic]

    6.  Reduce corporate taxes.

    7.  Reduce bureaucracy.

    These simple yet overly-simplistic goals are sure to catch the attention of Republicans who want more vague solutions to the country's urgent problems.

    Like the other candidates, Rev. Jones conveniently has a book to promote, Islam Is the Devil. But unlike the other candidates, Rev. Jones is the devil Republicans don't know.


    Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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