• Rick Perry to Debate Less Mostly Because Rick Perry Is Not Very Good at Debates

    You've gotta admit, for a little while there, Rick Perry really seemed like the perfect guy to lead the most powerful country in the western world. He's tall, he good-looking, he wears cowboy boots, he has really nice hair. He seemed like the complete package!

    But then these primary debates came along and he was forced to open his mouth and say words. And not just words that some pencil-neck speechwriter marked down for him to sound out phonetically, but actual words from his actual head. And, man, that did not go over well. Not at all.

    So, the Perry campaign has decided to do the right thing

    After a series of poor debate performances in the early months of his presidential campaign, Texas Gov. Rick Perry is backing off the upcoming GOP debate schedule, committing to just one of the next three events between now and Nov. 15.

    Perry has struggled in the five debates he has attended since he joined the race in mid-August. At one, he fumbled an attempt to cast rival Mitt Romney as a flip-flopper. At another, bickering between Romney and Perry drew criticism that the candidates were acting juvenile…

    "We are not called to be perfect," Perry said when he addressed the [Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition] last weekend. "If any of you have watched my debate performances over the last three or four times, you know I am not perfect."

    Good plan! You see? Rick Perry's got the best minds in the business behind him. And I'm sure this is just the beginning. First they'll curtail his debates, and then his public appearances. If you don't talk, you can't say anything unpresidential. So, before long, he'll probably just come out, strut on the catwalk in his $3,o00 suit for a bit and then point toward the American flag before being ushered away from the breathless crowd of serious politicos.

    If they can just figure out how to get as little Rick Perry as possible out there, it could do wonders for his campaign.

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