• New York Democrats Looking for Replacement for Obama, Way to Ensure Huge Losses Next Year

    You really got to respect the commitment that Democrats have toward absolute uncompromising failure. When America sent one of their own into the White House with record high popularity, a huge majority in the House and a supermajority in the Senate, did they give up and accomplish anything? No, they did not. They set their minds to the task of royally fucking everything up, and look at them now: A president with record low popularity, a minority in the House and the thinnest of majorities in the Senate. How did they do it?!

    Well, you can't really expect them to give up all their secrets, but this grass roots movement from New York City's upper west side to find a primary challenger for President Obama may offer some insight

    A longtime local Democratic activist, Bob Ginsberg, has sent around a mailing to about 1,800 New York Democratic leaders and activists, calling for a progressive challenge to President Obama.

    Under normal circumstances, Barack Obama would have zero chance of even pretending like he might maybe have a thin sliver of a chance to win reelection. But, the Republicans aren't going to just lie there and win this one. Once they rolled out their clown car full of impossibly ridiculous candidates, Dems realized they'd need to step up their game. And, obviously, there is only one sure fire solution to decent odds of reelection…

    "The solution is to find a credible progressive Democrat to run for President in a primary against President Obama. The best lesson comes from 1980 when another Democratic "middle of the road, compromising" unpopular president was planning to run for re-election," writes Ginsberg…

    The strong primary challenger. Always works like a charm.

    I am genuinely impressed.

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    * Actually, under actually normal normal circumstances, an incumbent president would skate into a second term without having to break a sweat, but Barack Obama is way too smart to fall prey to that kind of good fortune.

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