• Rick Perry's Problem Apparently Was That He Was Way Too Sober

    As Ilya noted briefly earlier today, Rick Perry — who's been sliding further and further down in the polls since he made the possibly unwise decision to start talking — decided on Friday to forgo many the normal tropes of presidential campaign speeches: seriousness, solemnity, sobriety.

    The good folks over on MSNBC's Morning Joe seemed duly confused by the Texas governor's comical mugging and bizarre behaviors. All except for the National Review's Robert Costa, who saw in this Perry something populist, something presidential, something spin-worthy…

    It's fun to watch Costa squirm as everyone around the table makes not very veiled jokes about whatever "cocktail" Perry's on, but here's the most important nugget from the clip…

    "I had two thoughts after watching that clip. One, it reminded me of Will Ferrel doing George W. Bush on Saturday Night Live. But, two, this is the Rick Perry who I saw in Waterloo, Iowa when he entered this race: athletic, energetic, connecting with voters. It's a little probably too humorous to continue at this level, but Rick Perry, if he can continue to have this kind of energy, he could connect in Iowa and see some momentum. Because this is the Perry that did connect in Texas and that could connect in the early primary states. We haven't seen it in his stiff personal throughout these debates."

    Aha! So, all that the Perry campaign needs to do to right this upending campaign vessel is invest in, I don't know, a half dozen or so crates of Johnny Walker Black.

    And maybe a couple vials of Vicodin.

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