• Sarah Palin Fans Mourn the Loss of a Palin Presidency

    Who could have possibly foreseen a tragedy of this magnitude? Sarah Palin not running for president?! It just doesn't add up.

    I mean, if she wasn't gearing up for a 2012 presidential run, then why did she quit her job as governor of Alaska midway through her term three years ago? And what was up with the reality show? Those are both such obvious markers for a presidential run, you can understand why some of us felt a little blindsided by her announcement earlier this month that she was dropping out of the race that she was never officially in to begin with.

    A number of people who were equally as destroyed as me by the news gathered together online over the weekend to attempt to find some small sliver of meaning in a now meaningless existence

    Participants of the forum, called Grizzlyfest, came together for three hours to praise Palin, plot how they will continue their grassroots political organizing in 2012, and how they will choose 2012 candidates after Palin stunned the group in September when she announced she would not seek the GOP nomination. The running theme of the event was that they will stay active in conservative politics despite their chosen candidate’s decision.

    Josh Painter, who runs the blog Texans for Sarah Palin, acknowledged that many supporters he knew were still "coming out of shock" at Palin’s decision, but that Grizzlyfest was an "excellent opportunity" to assess "where we are and where we are going."

    The forum at times sounded like a support group aimed at re-energizing the group who had devoted so much time to supporting Palin — some even moving to early states to campaign for the non-candidate — convinced she would run for president.

    People effing moved to Iowa and New Hampshire to work for Palin's campaign that never actually existed? What the– I mean, yes, of course people moved to Iowa and New Hampshire to work for Palin's campaign that never actually existed. That's such an eminently sane and non-cult of personality-ish thing to do, it only stands to reason that some people ruined their lives for this.

    But do not despair too much. Because Sarah's brother Chuck Heath Jr. called into the forum with a promise that he would try his damnedest to talk some sense into his sister…

    "I can't convince Sarah of anything," Heath said. "But I will definitely work on her. I understand the reason that she had for not running, but I look at the other choices and it was painful for me, too. Honestly not because she’s my sister, but I honestly thought she was the best candidate out there. I'll keep working on her."

    Please do, Chuck. Do it, if not for America, then for the make-believe America that exists inside all our heads.

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