• Donald Trump Is Mad at Jon Stewart for Something or Other

    Does anybody have any idea what the hell Donald Trump is going on about in this vlog?

    Okay, I can gather that there's some kind of manufactured outrage over supposed racism at play here, but the actually details of this schizophrenic diatribe are pretty hard to grasp. I can't figure it all out enough to even form a halfway decent opinion. See if you can do any better…

    ¿Qué? That is some serious whiskey tango foxtrot shit right there. Even more so than in your average Trump rant. But I can't help feeling like there's some kind of a meaning here. Like, if I can just put it through the right Google algorithm, all its magnificent secrets will be revealed.

    I'm pretty sure that he thinks that — by joking about the Lindbergh baby – Jon Stewart is in some way accusing Herman Cain of having kidnapped a baby. 79 years ago. Maybe? And that's racist somehow? I guess?

    Anyway, please please please educate me. You can watch the Daily Show clip in question after the jump and come to your own conclusions.

    The part that Trump is apparently referring to starts around the 3:20 mark…

    (via Little Green Footballs)

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