• Herman Cain's Innocent Gesture

    We've all done it: made an innocent gesture that is misinterpreted. For instance, during my commute today, I noticed one of my fingers was longer than the others. When I tried to show the guy next to me, he yelled something unrepeatable about my mother. Another time, a Senator from Idaho tapped his foot in a men's restroom and got arrested.

    And now, as GOP candidate Herman Cain is learning, these gestures can come back to haunt you…



    Telling a coworker they're the same height as your wife by holding a flat hand to your chin sounds innocent enough. It's not like he told the woman she had the same breast size as his wife (a hand gesture that can also be used to show how to hold two softballs in either hand), or that he would like to have sexual intercourse with her (the way you would gesture that your hip surgery was successful).

    Perhaps Herman Cain should have made a circle with one hand and poked it with the pointer finger of his other hand. That would have let her know he was a happily married man and, as such, didn't mean anything inappropriate.

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