• Physical Reveals Disgustingly Healthy Barack Obama

    Another day, another valiant effort by the Obama administration to ensure the President doesn't come close to winning a second term in office. I'm referring, of course, to the release of results from Barack Obama's medical check-up

    Doctor Jeffrey Kuhlman, the White House physician who performed the examination last week, affirmed that Mr. Obama was "fit at fifty" and "staying healthy at 50+" — and that "all clinical data" indicates he will remain in excellent health "for the duration of his presidency…"

    At the time of the exam, the president weighed 181.3 lbs, his heart rate was 67 bpm and his body mass index was 23.9 kg/m2, according to the memo. His temperature was 97.7 degrees.

    What kind of American stands 6-foot-1 but weighs in at a measly 181 lbs? According to research presented at this year's American Political Science Association meeting, it's the kind of "American" voters wouldn't trust for all the glazed doughnuts and double bacon cheese thickburgers in the world…

    Miller and colleagues find that obese male candidates were actually evaluated more positively than non-obese male candidates.  Obese female candidates, however, were evaluated essentially the same or less positively than non-obese female candidates, depending on the measure of evaluation.

    The physical also described Obama as a "tobacco free,  physically active" man who "on occasion drinks alcohol in moderation." So if you're keeping score, he's not only a pretty terrible Marxist as far as policy is concerned, but a failure as a closet Muslim as well. Yet hope springs eternal. Obama's next physical is scheduled for a month after Election Day 2012, by which time he may well have abandoned Michelle Obama's socialist organic garden and settled into a more relatable All-American diet of cigarettes and Xanax.

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