• United States Ranked Exceptionally Mediocre in UN Development Index

    Anyone who has paid attention to a flag lapel pin-wearing politician in the last, oh, 200 years or so, is aware of certain truth-facts about America. We are a unique snowflake of representative democracy and economic dynamism, a shining city on a hill, the leader of the free world. Our citizens are the most productive, our culture the most vibrant, and our society…totally not resembling the¬†Bacchanalia of the last days of Rome.

    In short, even using a crypto-communist system that weighs such gauche statistics as "life expectancy" and "mean years of schooling" alongside the more traditional Gross National Income figures, the United States must emerge as the most exceptional country that ever exceptioned on this side of the Milky Way. We're number one! Number four? Umn, top twenty?

    The United States remains the fourth best country in the world to live in, but adjustment for inequality drops it into 23rd place, according to an annual U.N. ranking of nations' development released on Wednesday…

    Oil-producing Norway, which again grabbed the top rank in the overall index — its ninth top placement in the past 11 years — was also No. 1 in the adjusted index.¬†Australia, second in the overall human development index (HDI), was also second in the inequality-adjusted index. The Netherlands ranked third and fourth in the different measures.

    Blast you, Norway. Must be their low, flat taxes and paltry government services doing the trick. What? Oh, the one with a 10% corporate and personal income tax is 126th-ranked Kyr-kyr-gi-stan-stan? Well, we're not going to collect 41% of GDP in taxes, as Norway does, and invest the funds in quality public services. Instead, I'm going to pin my hopes on a Job Creator opening a factory producing "Still Better than Estonia!" foam fingers. We'll be back on top of the HDI charts in no time.

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