• Mitt Romney Kicks Rick Perry While He's Down in the Polls

    The GOP campaign for the nomination is getting ugly. Bachmann against Cain. Cain against Perry. Huntsman against Romney.

    And now Romney against Perry

    Rick Perry will face a new round of criticism Thursday from Mitt Romney, who will stress a simple economic message to the Texas governor that "deficits matter."

    SNAP! "Deficits matter" is the "Yo momma" of the political world. "Yo deficit is so fat, when Japanese Post-Keynesian economists see it, they run away yelling 'Godzillion (dollars in deficit)!'"

    Romney’s new line of attack comes days after Perry suggested he is less concerned about how his economic plan will affect the federal deficit in the short term and more focused on creating incentives for job creators to spur hiring in the country…

    Critics have called Perry’s economic proposal a "deficit buster" and one that will force the deficit "into the stratosphere…"

    Romney has directed the majority of his attacks this campaign cycle towards the Texas governor, despite Perry's drop in the polls and lack of solid debate performances.

    This must be payback for… what exactly? When Rick Perry clumsily attacked Mitt Romney making himself look incompetent and petty (influencing me to nickname him Rick Petty and The Heartbreakers) in the process?

    Does Mitt Romney know Herman Cain is currently the frontrunner? In a way, it's almost a compliment. Mitt Romney is treating Rick Perry like he still matters.

    Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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