• Protesters Run Over by Mercedes for Being Annoying at Occupy Oakland

    Don't know how closely you've been following events in Occupy Oakland, but shit has been all kinds of crazy.

    Last night, though, they crossed over into Brechtian didacticism

    A man and a woman were hit at 11th Street and Broadway by a silver Mercedes, after a male driver ran a red light, said Joe Jackson, 37, of Oakland, who witnessed the incident.

    The driver was irritated by protesters walking in front of him. Onlookers said the driver deliberately ran over the pair, accelerating after a man hit on the hood of the car…

    The injured man and woman were taken away in ambulances. Police let the driver go.

    Um, okay. Yeah, of course police let the driver go. I mean, he was driving a Mercedes. What were police supposed to do, not let him go? Arrest him for attempted murder? Come on.

    That said, I just wanted to point out this is in fact a story that happened in real life and not a poorly-written scene from an embarrassingly-pedagogic movie directed by Paul Haggis. You are aware of that, right? Okay, good.

    Carry on.

    (via Gawker)

    Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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