• Wisconsin Senate Adopts Bill Promoting Abstinence Education, Kinkier Sex

    On Wednesday, lawmakers in Wisconsin scrambled to pass a series of bills as part of a special "jobs session" called by Governor Scott Walker. Apparently, legislators were faced with one key jobs-related problem: how to ensure there are enough unplanned pregnancies today to produce the workers who will staff the crappy service jobs of the future?

    Schools that teach sexual education would have to promote marriage and tell students abstinence is the only reliable way to prevent pregnancy, under a bill the Senate passed Wednesday.

    The Republican-backed measure passed on a party-line 17-15 vote and now goes to the Republican-run Assembly. It would allow schools to teach abstinence-only courses, which has been banned in Wisconsin since last year under a law Democrats passed when they controlled state government.

    The measure was adopted in response to the Healthy Youth Act, which mandated "comprehensive sex education" and, Democrats claimed, was responsible for dropping Milwaukee’s teen birthrate drop from 46.73 births per 1,000 teens in 2008 to 35.68 births per 1,000 teens in 2010. Of course, actual abstinence is the most effective way to prevent pregnancy and STDs, but abstinence education, according to one peer-reviewed study published in the porno mag known as the Journal of Adolescent Health…

    …abstinence-only programs had no significant effect in delaying the initiation of sexual activity or in reducing the risk for teen pregnancy and STD…[comprehensive programs] were significantly associated with reduced risk of teen pregnancy, whether compared with no sex education or with abstinence-only sex education.

    There's one silver/Chlamydia-encrusted lining here. According to another study of "virginity pledges" (I think I took mine by accident when I joined the debate team…), which are often used as part of abstinence-education programs, "pledgers" substitute oral and anal sex for vaginal intercourse. So congratulations to the Wisconsin GOP for creating a generation of wholesome Midwestern youngsters with a penchant for bareback sodomy. I salute you.

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