• "Deficit Hawks" Discover Government Spending They Can Love

    If it's one thing I've learned from suspending my critical thinking faculties and surrendering to the dulcet tones of Fox News, it's that government can't create jobs. Private investment multiplies to generate wealth and employment, government investment is burned in an OSHA-inspected job-killing funeral pyre.

    As Rep. Howard "Buck" McKeon noted, "congressional Democrats and the administration continue to insist that we can spend our way out of this recession and create jobs, but the numbers just don't add up."

    Yet McKeon (R-California Aerospace Industry) has a different take on a very special part of the federal budget

    But at a hearing last week, McKeon, now the [Armed Services] committee chairman, argued against cuts to the military, saying, "We don't spend money on defense to create jobs. But defense cuts are certainly a path to job loss, especially among our high-skilled workforces. There is no private sector alternative to compensate for the government's investment."

    And he's not the only Member of Congress getting in touch with the inner John Maynard Keynes that awakens within  many-a-congressman with ties to defense contractors…

    The same Republicans who insist that federal spending doesn't create jobs and should be cut in the face of staggering deficits are leading the charge against smaller military budgets because about a million defense jobs would be lost.

    Pentagon accounts are coming down, and Republicans who repeatedly reject the idea that an infusion of federal dollars can produce new jobs now say the government should keep billions flowing to the makers of guns, tanks, aircraft and ships for the sake of sparing jobs in home districts and states. It's the newest of several arguments against reducing Pentagon budgets.

    To recap, government investment in infrastructure that will last thirty years or more: unconscionable socialism.  Spending on things meant to burst into flames/blow stuff up? Job-creating goodness.

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