• Michigan Protects Citizens' Rights to Torment Gay People for God

    I don't think it's news to anybody there there is a persecuted minority in America today. That's why it's necessary for the state to step in once in a while to pass laws that will protect the otherwise helpless from the tyranny of the majority. And that's why I salute the Michigan state senate for passing the anti-bullying bill known as "Matt's Safe School Law."

    With this landmark piece of legislation, religious people — or Moral-Americans as I like to call them — will now longer have to fear retribution for bullying gay kids into suicide, so long as they say they're doing it for God

    "Matt's Safe School Law", named for 14-year-old Matt Epling who committed suicide in 2008 after being bullied by his classmates, includes a provision specifically noting that the law doesn't prohibit expression of religious or moral viewpoints

    In an impassioned speech on the senate floor… Democrat Gretchen Whitmer slammed the bill as "outlining how to get away with bullying."

    "As passed today, bullying kids is OK if a student, parent, teacher or school employee can come up with a moral or religious reason for doing it."

    Fantastic news!

    Only problem is: Will religious people be able to figure out a scriptural justification for tormenting people they don't like? They've certainly got their work cut out for them.

    Photo by Terry Johnston/Wikimedia Commons

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