• Orly Taitz Is Running for U.S. Senate

    Outspoken dentist/attorney Orly Taitz has spent the past three years trying make a willfully blind country see that President Barack Obama is a foreign-born foreigner from a foreign country in some foreign land. But, for some reason, the Washington establishment refuses to take her seriously.

    Looks like there's only one logical thing for a logical person like her to do: Infiltrate the U.S. Senate and take matters into her own hands

    In a lengthy interview with The Daily Caller, Taitz expressed optimism about capturing the Republican nomination and defeating incumbent California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein in 2012.

    "It's time for new ideas, new blood, new energy," Taitz told TheDC. "I'm very confident that I'll be able to get the Republican nomination and I will be able to win the general election."…

    The controversy surrounding Obama's birth certificate, Taitz said, will help her win a Senate seat. She expressed displeasure that the Senate Judiciary Committee hasn't investigated the matter.

    I think this is a fantastic development! In this day and age of flipping and flopping, America needs legislators with her determination and conviction more than ever. Politicians who are willing to bite down on a belief and refuse to let go come hell or high water or facts. If Orly Taitz says she's going to win next year, then I believe that she believes that. And nothing you or anybody else says will change her mind. Least of all poll results.

    Do you really think a little thing like "vote count" is going to dissuade a woman of her fortitude from serving in the U.S. Senate? Doubtful. Highly doubtful. There's bound to be an open window big enough for her to fit through somewhere in the Capitol building. I guarantee she's just the candidate to find it.

    Photo by FiredUpMissouri/Wikimedia Commons

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