• Socialist School Buses on the Chopping Block in Washington

    Kids today are so entitled with their iPads and Justin Biebers and constant need for food and health care. Well, listen up, kids: The free ride is over. Literally

    The yellow school bus could become another victim of the Great Recession in some parts of Washington.

    Gov. Chris Gregoire doesn't want to see her state stop spending money to get kids to school. But any squeamishness over student transportation cuts isn't enough to keep that $220 million idea off her list of ways to potentially deal with budget shortfalls, the latest a $2 billion one.

    Tough choices are the rule of the day in nearly every state in the rough U.S. economy… Washington would be the first to completely eliminate state dollars for bus service because of the recent recession.

    Sure, getting rid of buses would pose a threat to student safety, increase air pollution and prevent some low-income students from attending school regularly. But it’s about time we got the government out of our public education. Think of all the high-fructose corn syrup, predator drones and high-fructose predator drones we could buy with the millions we're throwing away on "learning." I can't imagine what’s holding state legislators back…

    Washington's state schools chief, Randy Dorn, says there's one more consideration here: the state Constitution requires the state government to amply pay the costs of basic education, as defined by the state Legislature. Student transportation is part of the definition of basic education… the Legislature would have to adjust the definition to make way for many of the governor's ideas for cutting the state education budget.

    There you go. States can cut education without cutting "education" if they just change the definition of what an education is. It's as easy as 1-2-3. That is, if schools can still afford to teach kids how to count.

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