• Ladies Love Mitt Romney (Relatively Speaking)

    America's most capable Turing Machine may not have "principles" or political "beliefs," or — depending on your philosophical views — a soul, but with some recent polls showing Mitt Romney receiving 5% more support from women than men, it's clear that he does have game

    The small but persistent gender gap seems to have emerged because, women say, they appreciate Romney's values, family story, business background — and, yes, his chiseled good looks — while being less interested in the ideological critiques that seem to be causing him more problems with male voters. It amounts to seeing him through a different lens.

    Of course, there are still bugs to work out in the LL Cool Mittbot routine…

    But despite his lead in the polls, Romney can at times be awkward with women on the campaign trail. After touring an elevator company in Merrimack, N.H., he looked at the attractive girlfriend of the company's general counsel and said, "Nice choice. Just like me." While posing for a photo with a group of waitresses at a diner in Derry, N.H., he pretended that one of them pinched his behind in what Romney called a practical joke.

    Presumably, there'll be a patch for that awkwardness, but are the anecdotes of "Walmart moms" swooning over the former Massachusetts governor part of a real trend, or just a biased sample of women being "repelled by the other people" (not my words!)?

    One way to find out is to look at campaign finance data and see if female donors have been especially favorable to the "chiseled" Romney…

    This graphic seems to dispel some myths. Mitt Romney isn't that beloved by the ladies. Michele Bachmann's gender doesn't really offer an advantage in a GOP primary. The Ron Paul Rev0lution is not entirely dependent on lonely, basement-dwelling libertarian men living out a Randian revenge fantasy as a substitute for human affection.

    Just kidding. That last one is still true.

    Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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