• Moderates and Independents Blame GOP on Jobs, Don't Care, Still Want a New President

    A new poll from the Washington Post sought to find out the degree to which voters blame President Obama for all of the no progress that's happening with unemployment lately. As WashPo's Greg Sargent oints out, it gave participants of various political viewpoints the choice two options

    * "President Obama is making a good faith effort to deal with the country’s economic problems, but the Republicans in Congress are playing politics by blocking his proposals and programs."

    * "President Obama has not provided leadership on the economy, and he is just blaming the Republicans in Congress as an excuse for not doing his job."

    A third option of "President Obama and the Republicans in Congress all need to be buried together in the center of the Earth. Oh, and hey, let's just throw all the Democrats in Congress in there, too, because it's not like they're gonna accomplish anything on their own, am I right?" was not offered as a suggestion for reasons that do not make perfect sense to me.

    Anyway, a majority of independents and moderates seemed to side with Obama on this one…

    Americans agree with the first statement over the second one, 50-44. According to numbers sent my way by the Post polling team, this is more pronounced among moderates and independents: Independents favor statement one over statement two by 54-40. Moderates favor statement one over statement two by 57-37.

    The overall number is lower, at 50 percent, because a hilariously meager nine percent of Republicans believe this to be the case.

    Is that a typo? Did he really mean "nine percent of Republicans" or was it "nine percent of Republicans"? I'm thinking the latter sounds more realistic.

    Doesn't matter. That's not the funniest/saddest/funniest-again part anyway. This is…

    [I]t turns out this voter awareness doesn’t necessarily benefit Obama. Voters who are inclined to believe the worst about Republicans might still conclude that Obama’s failure to get his policies passed shows he’s inffectual. Indeed, in the same Post poll, 53 percent of independents give Obama a negative rating on whether he's a strong leader!

    So, in effect, Congressional Republicans can go way out of their ways to be dicks — just to prove that they can be dicks without Barack Obama being able to do anything about it — and therefore they win!  It's almost beautiful in its malevolent simplicity.

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