• Conservative Judge Upholds Obamacare, Is Kind of a Dick About It

    Being a conservative federal judge is hard. Democrats keeps ramming all these stupid laws down your throat to help the American people gain access to health care, education and other basic services.

    It's enough to make you scream. Or perhaps just write passive-aggressive judicial opinions

    The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday upheld the health care reform law's requirement that nearly all Americans buy insurance — and the law’s supporters are declaring victory because the opinion was written by a conservative judge… Laurence Silberman, who was nominated by former President Ronald Reagan…

    The mandate, Silberman wrote, "seems an intrusive exercise of legislative power" and "certainly is an encroachment on individual liberty, but it is no more so than a command that restaurants or hotels are obliged to serve all customers regardless of race, that gravely ill individuals cannot use a substance their doctors described as the only effective palliative for excruciating pain or that a farmer cannot grow enough wheat to support his own family."

    Fine, Obama. You win. Requiring all Americans to buy health insurance is totally constitutional, but only because the Supreme Court accidentally made it legal to torture cancer patients and prevent small farmers from feeding their families.

    When Congress passed the President's health reform plan, it clearly neglected to consider how the law would affect those who can already pay for full coverage. Now that poor people can afford medical treatment for fatal illnesses, where will we get all our black-market organs and janitor-skin rugs?

    Photo by AgnosticPreachersKid/Wikimedia Commons

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