• Arizona Voters Deport Nativist Russell Pearce from State Legislature

    In 2006, then-Arizona State Representative Russell Pearce drew attention when he called for the renewal of "Operation Wetback," a '50s-era deportation scheme. The same year, Pearce was criticized for sending an article, which was titled "Who Rules America?" (hint: the answer rhymes with 'pews,' as it usually does) and published by a white supremacist group, to some of his supporters. Naturally, he was elected to the State Senate in 2008.

    In 2010, Pearce became the lead sponsor of S.B. 1070, an immigration law that would have allowed — before an injunction was issued — law enforcement officers to ask Arizonans for immigration papers upon "reasonable suspicion" of them being Hispanic undocumented immigrants. Obviously, this was enough to catapult Pearce to the presidency of the State Senate.

    Earlier this year, Pearce explained that none of us are really American citizens, 14th amendment be damned…

    U.S. history, most of us weren't around when the Constitution was written. But you remember we kind of existed before Congress, the states. We created the Congress, we created the federal government, by compact. Do you know what existed before the Congress, the states? Do you know, you're not a citizen of the United States. You're a citizen of a sovereign state. The fifty sovereign states makes up United States of America, we're citizens of those sovereign states.

    So, if past is prologue, he must be the governor by now

    A powerful Republican state Senate leader who championed Arizona's controversial crackdown on illegal immigrants lost his office on Tuesday in a historic recall election, returns showed…With all precincts reporting, state Senate President Russell Pearce was trailing his chief challenger, Republican newcomer and charter school administrator Jerry Lewis, by 7 percentage points, 45.4 percent to 52.4 percent.

    C'mon Arizona, now who's going to embarrass you with his deranged demagoguery and sociopathic hatred of foreigners? (Probably this guy.)

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