• Mississippi Rejects "Personhood" for Inseminated Eggs

    A funny thing happened to pro-life activists' attempt to define life as beginning at fertilization, potentially criminalizing all abortion, many forms of birth control, and in vitro fertilization treatments. Turns out, even conservative Mississippi voters blanch at the prospect of smuggling Plan B pills across state lines from such liberally enlightened jurisdictions as Louisiana and Alabama…

    The so-called "personhood" initiative was rejected by more than 55 percent of voters, falling far short of the threshold needed for it to be enacted. If it had passed, it was virtually assured of drawing legal challenges because it conflicts with the Supreme Court's 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that established a legal right to abortion. Supporters of the initiative wanted to provoke a lawsuit to challenge the landmark ruling.

    For this surprising foray into sanity, we have the Mississippi Democratic Party establishment to thank, right? They must have pulled out all the stops to defeat Initiative 26…

    [Gov. Haley] Barbour was prevented from seeking re-election because of term limits. The Democrat and Republican candidates vying to replace him both supported the abortion measure.

    Basically, the (failed) Democratic strategy involved ignoring the majority of their constituency — most women and Democrats opposed the ballot measure — in favor of seeking votes from, who, the zygotes? Everyone who has taken a high school biology class knows cells are evenly divided.

    Besides, those womb-voters are unlikely to meet the stringent voter identification requirements approved by Mississippi voters on Tuesday. Unfortunately, nor will thousands of real Mississippians, ┬ábecause while pregnant women might still be persons with more rights than fertilized eggs, citizens without government-issued identification — and according to the Brennan Center, as many as 11% of American citizens, including up to a quarter of African-Americans, lack such ID — are still of questionable "personhood."

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