• Elizabeth Warren Is Evil Because of Occupy Wall Street (or Something)

    Oh, no! Just look at this new ad from Karl Rove's Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies. I was under the impression that Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren was a thoughtful intellectual who favored common-sense capitalism that didn't cannibalize itself into recessions. But it turns out she is the living embodiment of all that is progressive and sinister. The music! It's so terrible. And somebody says the word "drugs"! Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!

    Granted, I am definitely not the target audience for this ad. Mostly because I read the newspaper once in a while and therefore do not consider the Occupy Wall Street movement to be "extreme left protests." I think of it more as "extreme moderate protests."

    What's not so clear is who the target audience for this ad is

    An online poll released Sunday of Americans' views of groups in the news shows Occupy Wall Street conjuring more favorable impressions among the public than their wealthy corporate targets. Among 1,005 adults surveyed, 35 percent had a favorable impression of the protest movement that began in New York City and gained support worldwide. Only 16 percent could say the same for Wall Street and large corporations…

    In terms of unpopularity, Wall Street/large corporations tied with Washington government, with 71 percent of those polled saying they had an unfavorable impression of them. The Tea Party movement got a 50 percent unfavorable response, and Occupy Wall Street protesters 40 percent.

    So, Rove and Crossroads GPS are trying to tie Warren to a national movement that is more popular than the opposition and pretty much anything else going these days.

    And they're doing this with their own money? That seems unfair. And we all know how much Elizabeth Warren hates unfairness.

    So, I think the right thing for her to do is chip in some money for all this positive advertising.

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