• Ron Paul's Pin-Up Calendar Featuring Women (Not Ron Paul)

    What's the first thing you think of when you hear the name Ron Paul? I hope you didn't say Libertarian or Mr. Magoo, because the answer is SEXY LADIES!

    Introducing The OFFICIAL Pin-Ups for Ron Paul 2012 wall calendar. This full-color spread features twelve beautiful, freedom-loving women who have to be the GOLD STANDARD of women voting for Ron Paul. For example, here is the beautiful Ms. January, Gina Dumania…

    Gina's grandfather was a leader in the Polish movement that ended Soviet rule in the 1980s, so you KNOW her cup is overflowing with the milk of freedom!

    But remember, this isn't a "one size fits all" Obamacare calendar. It follows the principles of a free market, and as such, features a truly American cornucopia of GLORPs (Gorgeous Ladies of Ron Paul). Put it on the wall of your body shop, local Tea Party meeting room or marijuana dispensary.

    If this seems sexist, remember Presidential candidates have been using scantily clad women to get elected since George Washington. Besides, these women live in a free society where they're allowed to do whatever they want with their bodies (except you know what). As an obstetrician who has delivered more than 4,000 babies – -he may have even delivered some of these model's mothers — Ron Paul knows about women's bodies.

    So why delay? You can even get a t-shirt promoting yourself as the "talent scout" for the Pin-Ups for Ron Paul. Hang it up in your closet right next to your "FBI: Female Body Inspector" t-shirt. Use it as a pick-up line at the local watering hole or at your next meeting with that hot woman from the National Restaurant Association.

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