• The Newtening Has Begun: Newt Gingrich Rises to Number Two

    It looks like Rick Perry’s not the only Republican with a spotty memory. After cycling through Donald Trump, Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain, GOP voters have anointed disgraced ex-congressman Newt Gingrich the new not-Romney.

    It’s almost as if voters forgot about his disastrous tenure as Speaker of the House, or don’t realize his candidacy is an elaborate publicity stunt to boost book sales

    Newt Gingrich has jumped to second place and Herman Cain has dropped to third among Republican voters' preferences for which candidate should win the GOP presidential nomination, according to a new poll.

    According to the McClatchy-Marist Poll, Mitt Romney leads the Republican pack with 23 percent. Gingrich is next with 19 percent, followed by Cain with 17 percent.

    This is truly exciting. Not because America needs Newt's bold, fresh ideas for the economy. But because we all want to know how his campaign will finally crash and burn.

    So far we've seen candidates mistreat campaign workers, sexually harass employees and forget their own names. What will Newt’s downfall be? His campaign already imploded once in June, he's had topless photos floating around the internet for months and his mere existence continues to be a cruel form of sexual harassment against our eyes.

    At this point, I'm betting on either secret lovechild or accidental mass murder by boring everyone to death.

    Photo by Steve Pope/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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