• LiveBlog: The GOP Foreign Policy Debate in South Carolina

    9:28 – Well, after sitting through that for 90 minutes, I'm not surprised that most of these candidates are so supportive of torture.

    Thanks for watching tonight's debate with us. It made the whole experience slightly less scarring. Let us know what you thought of all that in the comments.

    9:26 – Oh, and Newt Gingrich can be the Marshmallow Man!

    9:25 – When they remake Ghostbusters, Rick Santorum should be cast as Walter Peck.

    9:23 – It seems unfair that Romney gets to debate with these other people. Shouldn't they have a maximum maturity limit?

    9:20 – Herman Cain: "Pakistan is one of the nine nations that have a nuclear weapon." Oh, he came so close!

    9:17 – Newt Gingrich is doing something really dirty with his hands right now. I think it's some kind of swinger's signal.

    9:11 – Rick Perry paraphrased: "This is war! That's why, with the exception of torture, I endorse everything that needs to be done, including torture."

    9:09 – Is this really the best way that Lindsey Graham can be spending his Saturday Night? Why do I feel like he should be hosting some kind of a watermelon party or something.

    9:08 – Herman Cain paraphrased: "Name something evil, and I'll endorse it."

    9:05 – I can't tell if this online stream is buggy or if Mitt Romney needs to reboot.

    9:03 - Oh wow, Herman Cain named a full four Middle Eastern countries. He must have been studying.

    8:58 – Well, that's that for the TV party version of this debate. But if you wanna stick around for for after party, here's the link.

    8:56 – Rick Perry paraphrased: "Yes, Israel would start at zero. But then it would very quickly go up to a billion. Very very quickly. Like, they probably wouldn't even notice the part where they were at zero."

    8:52 – So, Jon Huntsman's plan for dealing with China is Blogger?

    8:47 – Newt Gingrich's superpower is making blatantly untrue things with such sureness that you kind of wonder if you have to go back and double check things on Wikipedia.

    8:45 – Mitt Romney wants "An American Century." Oh, so he advocates the downfall of the U.S. in 2101? Hmmm…

    8:43 – Never thought I'd say this, but thank God for Ron Paul.

    8:42 – Candidates falling over themselves to endorse torture the most. Oh, America…

    8:40 – Herman Cain paraphrased: "I do not believe in torture. Period. However, I will allow some torture sometimes."

    8:38 – Everybody's clapping at Rick Perry for remembering the Department of Energy. That's sweet. Kinda like when we all clap when my niece manages to use the toilet all by herself.

    8:35 – Herman Cain needs a 999 plan for putting together a presidential cabinet: Nine secretaries of state, nine secretaries if the Military and nine secretaries to just have walking around.

    8:30 – If I ever need to make myself cry onstage for any reason, I'm going to think about Rick Santorum's presidential campaign.

    8:27 – Just saw a bow tie in the audience. Though, to be fair, I always kind knew that there was one out there.

    8:25 – Maybe I was wrong about Bachmann's face and the Botox truck. Maybe she's decomposing like that vampire lady on True Blood. Now that I think about it, that seems more likely.

    8:23 – Something tells me Perry's make-believe budget that he'll never have would not "start at zero" for Israel.

    8:22 – Rick Perry wants to stop funding Israel?

    8:17 – Holy shit! I think Michele Bachmann's face might have been run over by a Botox truck.

    8:15 – Rick Santorum makes me sad in my sad hole.

    8:14 – Rick Santorum paraphrased: "I demand more attention for the little guys. Most importantly me!"

    8:13 - @IMAO_: "Paul: 'The Constitution says nothing about nukes, so I would trade them all for gold.'"

    8:10 – Uh oh. Rick Perry is trying to talk. Everyone stand stock still. Don't make a sound.

    8:09 – Mitt Romney paraphrased: "I will do whatever is the opposite of what Obama is doing. Just tell me what it is."

    8:08 – Mitt Romney was actually right about something. How about that?

    8:05 – When is Herman Cain going to announce his 999 plan for foreign policy? Nine nuclear weapons launched at nine foreign nations for nine days in a row.

    8:03 – I wonder if any of these candidates has floated the idea of putting aside all this pretense and just living together in a house full of television cameras yet?

    8:00 – I don't know about you people, but I DO NOT GET TIRED OF REPUBLICAN PRIMARY DEBATES! NOT EVERRRR!!!

    Jump on in, everyone! The water's fun!

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