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    If you're like most people in America, you probably support the national Occupy Wall Street movement. In a roundabout way. In part, at least. On the whole, you think that something needs to be done to fix the inequities in our economic system. And you're happy that somebody is doing something about it.

    But, for some reason that you can't quite put your finger on, you're not quite on board with OWS in practice. You're not going downtown and hanging out with them, for sure. And if someone asks you about them, you kind of hem and haw and say you're on the fence.

    Ever wonder why that is? This story might help shed some light

    No sooner had the panel finished opening remarks last night than a woman scampered up onto stage and yelled, "Mic check!" It was an orchestrated effort by several dozen activists to use the People's Mic to interrupt a forum at Town Hall — a forum in favor of Occupy Wall Street, featuring three wonks and three activists from Occupy Seattle. Their stunt replaced what was supposed to be an informed discussion of the movement with an uninformative, shout-a-thon about process that consumed most of the evening. They booed opinions they disagreed with and drove supporters out of the building…

    Activists had planned to interrupt the panel because, some said, they opposed the power dynamic created by speakers on stage talking into microphones. Although Occupy Wall Street uses the belabored people's mic — which involves one person speaking and the crowd repeating everything — to amplify the soft spoken and encourage free speech, last night it was used to silence the panel. The call and-response created an echoing cacophony…

    "I walked in supportive and left unsupportive," said 69-year-old Mary Ann, who declined to provide her last name. "I’m turned off by the negative shouts, repetition, and all I can think about is a cult. And I believe in every one of their damn principles."

    Scientists are going to have to work around the clock to invent an "Ugh!" big enough for this story.

    I suspect that a lot more people would be a lot more down with liberal activism if it wasn't so full of liberal activists acting so liberally. Just a theory.

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