• Rick Perry Hates/Loves Government Spending So Much

    It's kinda starting to feel a little bit mean to make fun of Rick Perry, and the silly things that he says, and the laughable things that he does, and the generally-unelectable candidate that he is, don't you think? Making fun of my Uncle Petey — who believes that the Founding Fathers founded this country because they believed that paying taxes to Britain was un-Christian — would be pretty much as effective at this point. Both of them have about the same chance of ever becoming POTUS.

    So, that's why I decided — after long and serious thought — to not write this post about how the only time that Rick Perry ever shuts up about how awful federally-funded programs are is when he's begging for money from them

    Perry sought and received $24.2 billion in stimulus funding for Texas while saying the program was bad federal policy. He helped secure more than $100 million to protect against drug violence and illegal immigration on the Mexican border. The governor also endorsed his state's request for money under President Barack Obama's new health care law, though he now promises to help repeal the measure should he win the White House.

    Most of all, Perry asked for emergency federal aid for victims of wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, flooding and crop-killing heat waves and freezes in his state's 254 counties. Texans hit by natural disasters "deserve a more immediate, compassionate response from their federal government," Perry wrote in a November 2009 letter complaining that the Housing and Urban Development Department was slow in aiding hurricane victims.

    That's a far cry from today's Perry, who has promised to make the federal government as inconsequential in peoples' lives as possible.

    Here is where I'm not going to write about how Rick Perry probably just forgot that he was so opposed to government spending when he was asking for all that government money. Partially because of how I'm starting to feel sorry for Perry, but mostly because it's just a lazy joke.

    If I was going to write a joke about this story here, it would be hilarious.

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