• Rick Perry Says Federal Government Needs More Than Paint

    If there's one thing Rick Perry knows, it's that you can't just whitewash over a problem. That's why his bold new plan for the Federal Government is to "uproot, tear down and rebuild Washington, D.C., and our federal institutions." Which institutions? How about all of them. It's a good idea because "all" is much easier to remember than a list of three.

    First, there's Congress. Perry wants to halve both their pay and the time they spend in Washington D.C.

    He also wants to get rid of life terms for Supreme Court justices, saying too many rule from the bench. Maybe he just wants politicians to go outside and get some fresh air, away from all the fatcat lobbyists and dusty, old benches. That's fair, but how would it work legally? As it turns out, not so well. The judicial proposal contradicts Article III of the Constitution, and most Americans agree that the Constitution is the set of principles that rules our country. Any plan to change those moves the boldness barometer into foolhardy territory.

    Perhaps these proposals are part of Perry's desire to paint himself as a Washington outsider and/or someone who doesn't understand how government works. Did we also mention how bold they are? So bold that many analysts say there is no chance they'll ever happen. In fact, University of Alabama professor of constitutional law Paul Horowitz says…

    "It would be the foxes nailing shut the henhouse door," he said. Referring to both that and the judicial tenure plan, he added: "As practical proposals go, this one is probably slightly further down the list than trying to enact Alice in Wonderland. "

    So as you can see, Rick Perry doesn't want to whitewash over problems, he's just a card that wants to paint the white roses red.

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