• The Only Thing Congress Can Agree on Is Antibiotic Corn Syrup Meat

    The supercommittee may be deadlocked over minor issues like tax hikes and defense budget cuts, but apparently, they can still unite over their shared love of corn, soy and antibiotic-filled meat

    Lawmakers on the House and Senate Agriculture committees are trying to write a new five-year farm bill through the supercommittee process.

    The legislators are using the supercommittee to avoid what would be a more public, election-year debate in 2012, when the current farm bill expires and new legislation would be scheduled for writing, according to critics of the effort.

    “We call it the secret farm bill,” said one environmental activist, who worries that if the lawmakers succeed, it will prop up U.S. farm payments through 2017.

    Unfortunately, "secret farm bill" is not some sexy new fragrance or plaid nightie. It's just the latest iteration of the controversial agriculture bill that subsidizes the Farm Belt's mass production of corn and soy-based food additives and keeps our chicken, beef and pork pumped full of delicious antibiotics.

    We really should have seen this coming. Supercommittee co-chair Jeb Hensarling's hair is at least 20% hydrolyzed soy protein. Food-like products are as American as Apple Pie Flavor HLD6487. I mean, it's right there in the Pledge of Allegiance — one nation under God: (G)uar gum, (O)ctyl gallate, (D)imethylpolysiloxane.

    Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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