• Straight-Faced RNC Tells Gary Johnson He Would Make Debates Chaotic

    That Gary Johnson's a troublemaker. First he gets excluded from a debate, then he gets excluded again, then some more debates happen that he's not allowed to attend, and now he's making a big fuss over being treated "unfairly." Grow up, Johnson!

    But he refuses to. Just read this letter he wrote to the Republican National Committee complaining about not being allowed to participate…

    "I entered the race for president with the belief that I bring to the table not only the credentials, but ideas that Republicans would like to see and hear. Never did it occur to me that I would be excluded from the conversation; however, that is precisely what is happening – and I believe the Republican National Committee bears some responsibility for what is going on…

    "I recognize that the RNC is not in the business of helping one candidate for the nomination or another. However, I would suggest that it is the business of the RNC to insure that the Republican nominating process is not ceded to the likes of CNN and the Washington Post."

    Whoa, settle down there Gary! Are you seriously suggesting that the RNC would allow certain voices within their party to be silenced by massive, wealthy media conglomerates? Of course not, as the RNC's Junior Chief Counsel informed him in an open letter sent out by email today…

    "We simply have to have some minimum criteria in order for candidates to participate in these debates. Otherwise, the debates would be utter chaos and unhelpful to Republican voters as we select our nominee."

    Exactly. This isn't about excluding politicians who have unpopular views on social issues or who aren't rich enough. It's about making sure the debates are coherent events that allow voters to make reasonable judgments about who the best candidates are.

    These candidates are poised and knowledgeable, and aren't into bickering or shouting matches. Gary Johnson just doesn't understand.

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