• Newt Gingrich Is Not as Smart as Newt Gingrich Thinks Newt Gingrich Is

    The Professor. The Ideas Man. The Intellectual. These are just a few of the names given to Newt Gingrich, the GOP’s inexplicable new frontrunner. With his PhD and penchant for obscure historical references, Gingrich sounds like the smartest guy in the room.

    But, apparently, it’s just a really small, dumb room

    "He strikes me as a guy who thinks of lots of ideas and never runs them through a sanity test before spilling them on a stage," [the Cato Institute’s David] Boaz said. "I think he has had a tendency to just have idle thoughts occur to him as he’s reading the newspaper and then announce them without even running it by a colleague"…

    "Nobody thinks of Gingrich as a wonky type. Nobody thinks of him as someone who has serious positions, white papers, policies on a wide array of issues coming from deep knowledge and experience," said Roderick Hills Jr., a constitutional law professor at New York University.

    And that’s just what conservatives are saying. According to left-leaning linguist John McWhorter

    "Language is supposed to be a package that carries substance, but Gingrich is sometimes so pleased with his uninterrupted stream of words, that he mistakes it for an actual flow of ideas…

    "Take a close look at what he's saying, and you'll find that he's using artfully constructed rhetoric to cloak ideas that are simply wrong. A favorite of mine was a few years ago when he opined that bilingual education fosters the language of the 'ghetto'… Gingrich was arguing in part against bilingual education, but research has shown quite conclusively that children get a leg up in early learning when taught first in their primary language.

    America needs a leader, not a person-whose-ideas-are-actually-right-er. Like Newt’s brilliant plan to end the "stupid" laws that prevent children from working in factories.

    So what if Newt's long winding speeches amount to nothing more than inflated right-wing talking points? Size matters more than substance. I mean, just look at his head.

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