• Barack Obama Is Thankful for Godlessness and Unmitigated Evil (Apparently)

    This is beyond the pale, people. Totally beyond the pale! Never, in all my years of frantic searching for things with which to demonize Barack Obama, have I been so offended by a thing I've found with which to demonize President Obama!

    Just look at this three-minute paean to anti-American unwholesomeness masquerading as a Presidential Thanksgiving address…

    Did you hear that? Did you hear it?! No?


    Thursday morning, Republicans and others tweeted their discontent with the reported omission of God from Obama's address.

    Comments included "So sad!" and "God help us!" Republicans Abroad retweeted the Fox News headline: "Obama Leaves God Out of Thanksgiving Address."

    "To give thanks for luck is to deny God much less omit!" tweeted "PastorJeffBrown," whose Twitter account lists him as a rural Oklahoma husband, father and Baptist pastor.

    Um, excuse me, but was it luck that created the entire universe approximately six thousand years ago? I don't think so. Am I forgetting the story about how that giant four-leaf clover parted the Red Sea and led the Israelites out of captivity? Nope. And maybe I'm crazy, but I just can't recall the story of how Three Wise Men traveled over land and sea to pay homage to a rabbit's foot nestled snugly in a simple manger. That's because it didn't happen, atheists!

    Disregarding the First Amendment has been an American tradition since time immemorial. How can we expect a president to defend our Constitution when he won't even follow such simple traditions?

    Sometimes I wonder why I even bother to keep myself in a state of perpetual apoplexy.

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