• DNC's "Mitt vs. Mitt" Ad Campaign Completely Misses the Point

    This new advertisement that the Democratic National Committee is running in potential swing states like New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Wisconsin — and its online component — looks, at first glance, like it might be kind of effective at driving home one of likely GOP nominee Mitt Romney's Supposed flaws. Namely, that he is willing to change his position on key issues multiple times — sometimes mid-paragraph — to curry the favor of voters. But I don't think it's going to work out the way that the DNC hopes it will.

    Take a look and see what you think…

    Okay, now, some people might look at that and say, "Wow! Mitt Romney sure has changed his position 180 degrees a bunch of times. That makes him seem kind of disingenuous." But I look at it and say, "Wow! Mitt Romney has ALL the ideas!"

    Is there something that you think, and you think that nobody else thinks that same thing? Wrong! Mitt Romney thinks it! Do you have an opinion about the way this country should be run? I can guarantee you that Mitt Romney holds that exact same opinion. Doesn't matter how obscure it is! Mitt Romney believes it. Because Mitt Romney believes everything!

    I think of Mitt Romney as a gigantic mouth that travels across the political landscape devouring all concepts, ideas, beliefs, opinions and moral codes with which he comes in contact. And once he has digested everything that believe in your heart to be true, then he internalizes it also believes it.

    And, given the fact that I think that, I think that means that Mitt Romney thinks it, too. And that's what I like about him.

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