• Herman Cain Releases Simplified Cartoon Adaptation of 999 Plan

    Seems to me, the biggest problem with Herman Cain's 999 tax plan is its unnecessary complexity. 9% business transaction tax, 9% personal income tax rate and a 9% federal sales tax? Gaaaahhhh?

    So, wait, what was that middle number again? Nine? Okay, so then what was the first number? Ugh! I'll never be able to comprehend this! Why can't somebody dumb it down into a six minute cartoon for simple American folk like me? Whhhhhyyyyyyyy???

    Oh, wait, what's this here?

    Does anybody know how to make that video start playing? I just spent a half-hour trying to click the play button, and all I managed to do was set my kitchen on fire. That's not part of the plan, Herman Cain, is it? Because if it is, that's only slightly better than Rick Perry's plan.

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