• New Age Liberals Conspire to Kill Us All

    Perhaps you have had occasion to make fun of fundamentalist believers for proclaiming the Earth to be 6,000 years old and constructing intricate dioramas of Adam and Even riding atop dinosaurs. Fortunately, relatively marginal beliefs about the origin of humans are more likely to provide fodder for comedy than result in a catastrophic disaster for humanity.

    The same cannot be said for the marginal and ignorant beliefs in some supposedly "enlightened" communities…

    A rising number of parents in more than half of states are opting out of school shots for their kids. And in eight states, more than 1 in 20 public school kindergartners do not get all the vaccines required for attendance, an Associated Press analysis found. That has health officials worried about possible new outbreaks of diseases that were all but stamped out…

    "Many of the vaccines are unnecessary, and public health officials don't honestly know" the effects of giving so many vaccines to such small children, said Jennifer Margulis, a mother of four and parenting book author in Ashland, Ore., a small liberal community that has unusually high vaccination exemption rates.

    CDC data indicates high rates of non-medical exemptions were issued in left-leaning states of Hawaii, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Oregon, Vermont, Washington and Wisconsin, although low vaccination rates were also reported in Alaska, Kansas, and Montana. The lowest rate of exemption, essentially 0%, was in that modernity-loving bastion of Mississippi.

    Let's be honest, there are some advantages to outsourcing public health decisions from "doctors" backed by years of peer-reviewed research to individual parents armed with Jennifer Margulis's books (are they also homeopathic?) and in Internet connection. Once the measles outbreak ravages our nation's liberal enclaves, we'll no longer have to deal with soul-sucking news words like "spawntourage."  The comments section at Huffington Post will be tamer. The line at Whole Foods will be way shorter!

    On the other hand, thousands of people who rely on herd immunity to protect themselves from communicable disease will die or be debilitated through no fault of their own, so how about everyone just vaccinate their kids?

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