• Fox News's War on Christmas

    I want you to brace yourselves, everybody, because this is some supremely troubling news: No sooner did we, as a nation of descent Christmas-loving God-fearing Americans, declare "Mission Accomplished" in our harrowing nearly-decade-long War on Christmas than we discover a brand new front opening up.

    And this new front is behind our own lines

    Et tu, Fox News? How could you? I thought you were a true Fox and Friend to the Christmas cause.

    And don't go trying to pretend like this was a one time "Oops!" kind of thing, because News Hounds has collected multiple offenses. You know, "multiple" as in how many pieces my heart is broken into right now.

    Don't you realize that every time you use the word "holiday" instead of "Christmas," you drive the the nails deeper into our Founding Fathers' wrists?

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