• Rick Perry Not So Good at Debating, Says New Hampshire

    Bad news, Rick. Turns out some people in New Hampshire were watching those debates.

    Worse still, at least one of them at the local Union Leader thought those debates somehow mattered

    "[Perry] did more than misspeak… He simply suffocated.

    "In truth, debates are on-the-job performance for presidential candidates. They help reveal whether candidates can think on their feet; whether they have general, working knowledge of the affairs of state; and whether they have less tangible 'leadership' qualities so many voters look for."

    Illuminating stuff. "General, working knowledge of the affairs of state" probably is an important thing for the president to have, now that I think of it.

    As for those intangible "leadership" qualities, Perry's still got that sewn up. It's not every candidate who can change the voting age and date by fiat alone.

    Photo by Steve Pope/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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