• Michele Bachmann Wants to Close Imaginary Embassy in Iran

    Unlike President Obama, Michele Bachmann isn’t afraid to take a hard line on Iran. That’s because she’s a fearless patriot. So fearless, in fact, she’s not even intimidated by pesky things like "facts" or "reality"…

    According to a tweet from NBC News' Jamie Novogrod, Bachmann responded to the recent raiding of the British embassy in Iran, by saying that if she was President, she would close down the U.S. embassy there.

    There's just one problem: The U.S. has not had an embassy in Iran ever since the Iranian hostage crisis, when revolutionaries from the budding Islamic state held 52 Americans for 444 days. Indeed, frustration over this helped bring down Bachmann’s bete noire Jimmy Carter by defining his presidency as weak. The two countries have not had official diplomatic relations since that time.

    You see, as a member of the House Intelligence Committee — and, apparently, the House Irony Committee — Michele Bachmann isn't just privy to classified information. She also has access to an unlimited supply of imaginary information.

    The media may scoff when Bachmann makes outrageous claims about non-existant embassies or Hezbollah-controlled Cuban missiles, but we won't be laughing when Czechoslovakia finally invades and takes over our nation's bicycle factories. Or when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad becomes Secretary-General of the UN and drowns New York City in a thick layer of hummus.

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