• Mitt Romney Reminds Us That He's Been Married Fewer Times Than Newt Gingrich

    You should've seen this coming, Newt. You start a campaign that isn't so much a "campaign" as a book tour where you don't really do anything, and now you're suddenly a contender. All because the one alternative is this guy.

    Well, Mitt Romney isn't going to wait for you to Rick-Perry or Herman-Cain this election up on your own. No, he's going on the offensive. And things are getting personal

    The [Romney campaign's] plan to increase the attention to Romney’s wife of 42 years and five sons in the hopes of sparking more conversation about Gingrich’s three marriages without raising the topic themselves is one of several subtle offensives.

    Oof, feel that, Newt? He's hitting you where it hurts. Or rather, where his human advisers have told him it would hurt a human being to be hit.

    But still, I can't blame Romney. If he's going to appeal to a huge voting bloc of fundamentalist Christians while insisting on praying to God in a slightly different way than they do, he might as well point out that he's been praying with the same family the whole time.

    Plus, if this doesn't work, he could always just bring up some of the stuff Gingrich has done in office.

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